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Environmental Compliance Support

SouthernSkies provides environmental compliance support to the Auckland Council Healthy Waters department. This helps the council ensure that its OPEX and CAPEX projects comply with all regulatory requirements and meet or exceed industry best practise environmental performance.




SouthernSkies Environmental Limited provides a full range of resource management services including environmental design, consent preparation and processing, site auditing and construction monitoring, commissioner services, training, guidelines and policy. We are recognised as one of New Zealand's leading erosion and sediment control practitioners.  

Construction & Environmental Management Services

  • Design and implementation of:
    - Environmental management plans
    - Erosion and sediment control plans
    - Flocculation management plans and bench testing
    - Stormwater management systems
    - Forest harvest environmental management plans
  • Site auditing, performance monitoring and reporting of erosion and sediment control measures
  • Liaison and relationship management with regulators
  • Project Management

Environmental Training & Guidelines

  • Erosion and sediment control design and implementation
  • Chemical flocculation design and implementation
  • Regulatory compliance training for construction managers, network managers and regulators
  • Development of best practice guidelines for local and national organisations

Planning & Regulatory Services

  • Assessments of environmental effects and consent applications under regional and district plans
  • Notices of requirement and outline plans of works
  • Management of specialists
  • Assessment of environmental construction designs
  • Site auditing and compliance monitoring on behalf of regulators
  • Assessing and reporting on consent applications for regulators
  • Presentation at council and environment court hearings
  • Environmental policy and regulatory advice

Expert Services

  • Hearing commissioner services
  • Technical peer reviews
  • Expert witness 

Southernskies senior staff are experienced in erosion and sediment control peer reviews, and expert witness services for councils and industry.

Michael Parsonson is an experienced independent hearing commissioner for various councils, with experience in regional and district activities and planning.

We have the pleasure to work with...

  • Auckland  Council
    Greater Wellington

  • HEB Construction
    Northland Regional Council