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SouthernSkies Environmental Limited provides leading environmental and regulatory services, focusing on the complex interactions between land, water, communities and development.

Our projects include:

  • road construction
  • power stations
  • network management plans
  • pedestrian & cycle ways
  • playgrounds
  • childcare facilities
  • workshops
  • forestry
  • stormwater & wastewater network upgrades
  • stormwater treatment facilities
  • land development
  • rail projects
  • foot bridges
  • urban re-development
  • coastal structures & activities
  • guidelines
  • vegetation assessments
  • industrial site management plans

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Feature Project

Transmission Line - Wairakei to Whakamaru

Transpower are building 40km of new double circuit 220 kV transmission line between Wairakei and Whakamaru, and as part of this project the existing Wairakei to Whakamaru B line will be decomissioned and removed...

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We have the pleasure to work with...

  • Auckland  Council
    Greater Wellington

  • HEB Construction Environment Waikato Northland Regional Council